Calm the inner noise. Starting out shouldn’t be so hard. Get a strategy in place.

It’s time to strategize and to plan to put the right pieces in place. As you refocus yourself to become greater in usefulness to God, your husband, your family and your business. There are so many wheels turning in your busy life and you long to put these dormant creative ideas into action. I’m here to tell you it’s time! It’s time to build the life you want as you knock down barriers to what God called you to be. It’s time to stop putting off your best in this season without stretching yourself thin.

It’s time to kick FEAR out the way! It’s time to define and get clear about your unique purpose as it is built around your primary roles in your family, your business and the world.

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mary profile cut.revise2“Syreeta has been such a blessing in my life for the past 12 years not only has she pushed me toward Christ. She has inspired me to be a greater mother, wife, friend and business owner. She is a blessing toward anyone who crosses her path. God has really put an anointing on her life!!!” – Mary Barnett (Founder of Confessions of A Young Mom)

tamika profile.revise“She is a reliable woman who keeps her word because of her passion for helping women find their purpose. She worked with me from the beginning to the end and with all the hard work that both of us put in. I met my goals and proudly told her about my successes. Again, working with Mrs. Gordon has been very helpful in getting to where I needed to be and I seriously couldn’t of done it without her.” –Tomika Kinsey ( CNA Nurse & Proud Mother of Three)