Have you ever felt alone and lost as you navigate the issues that come up in your budding business, marriage, family or obstacles in efforts to creating additional household income? Do you often feel hopeless and disappointed about your attempts that feel like failures.


I’ve been there. Believe me there is hope.


A Little About Me

My name is Syreeta Gordon and I have three children-two step children, Baubi, DeAndre, and Nylia. I am married to my best friend, lover, life-partner and number one ultimate supporter that keeps me laughing through this roller coaster of life.



Our story began when my husband, David and I got married almost seven years ago. Truthfully, we weren’t always happily married. We suffered through many growing pains that many couples grow through and go through. I believe we overcome many of those obstacles through much prayer and relearning what LOVE truly means and is…

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We came together with two children of the same age with one young adult child. Just like our marriage the bringing together two different parenting styles and different philosophies of discipline has proven to be difficult.

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It’s been difficult in understanding what being a VIRTOUS  woman, wife and mother truly is. The negative relationship that I experienced and witnessed in  in the past were valuable gems. It aided in the process that God has molded me through a combination of experience, God breathed knowledge and Holy Spirit revelation. It has helped me to survive and navigate the multi-faceted nature of bridging a mess to a miracle.


I’m not only a mother and a wife…


I’m on a mission to help mothers and doulas like myself by offering blogging, business strategy, guided resources and workshops to women that are in transition to building a strong business and brand. 


You may ask yourself what is Pecan Momma Tales?


You may think with a name like this you must be speaking only to women of color.  And, that is far from the TRUTH. It is a light hearted reflection of myself as share my ups and downs. All while offering the much needed hand with someone that has been down the same road as you.


The purpose of this platform is to touch the lives of mothers and aspiring business owners that need support, inspiration and encouragement along your business and domestic journey.  It hasn’t been easy as I still go through juggling building a dream lifestyle all while maintaining a efficient household.  I’m no different than you. You may still feel there are times that you feel as if there is nowhere to turn for answers or help.


Well sister friend I hope you landed in the right place…


You may feel like your about to rip your hair out as you maybe going through similar frustration. As you are just about to enter into a new venture and need a little guidance.  As I gone through many difficulty in settling in my career and trying to find what fits for me and my family.  I decided that getting focused and building a business has aided me in full filling my desires and my family goals.



I wasn’t always the married woman that seemed to have it all together on the outside. My journey began after surviving and breaking out of a very emotionally and physically abusive relationship with the father of my first born. After I mustered up the strength to finally leave.

I had to face my failures to start my life all over again.

God slowly started to rebuild my life on piece at a time.  As I started my life over for the first time on my own. I had to suck up my pride to move back in with my mother.  This wasn’t an easy decision but a necessary one. In those two years times with the focus and goal setting to build a new life for me and my daughter.  I was blessed enough to find a better job, rebuild my credit, gain my drivers licence, my first ever car and later to become a proud homeowner at the age of 26.

me and house

I didn’t think that it was possible! But, to God be the glory!


I was called into this journey of choosing entrepreneurship after losing job after job since 2009. I felt as if what we think would be financial security was ripped out from under me.  I knew after going through the same test over and over.  As I cycled in and out from one dead in job to the next. There has to be something better or something more for me and my family.

After the recession hit, I was forced to make a change. I didn’t realize that crisis was a gift from God.  After going through one part-time job after another. It forced me to dig deep and to realize what my gifts could be used for in this world. I am now running a start-up business from home and finally happy loving what I do.


My journey to starting my own business has been a pretty schizophrenic and double minded road. I always wanted to have my own business since my high school years. In those times, I had no idea what it was and what that all looked like. After graduating college, I went from a pretty successful career in corporate America.

However, I felt as if I was downright miserable. I often had those talks with myself where I thought I made the wrong decision in my focus of study in school. Later, I realized that was that was the wrong place to start in re-positioning my career. FAITH had to kick in in order for me to embark on this journey.

You can find me on most days taking care of my family, speaking in schools and building my brand while assisting others in their business. As I love to serve businesses, my community and building the self-esteem of people to realize the beauty that lies dormant inside of them.

And, remember It’s time to get out of your own way!



I would love to hear from you. You can contact me below or shoot me a message at the contact me page. You can join online community on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. I hope to hear from you soon….
























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  1. Hello Rebecca:

    Thank you for sharing your kind and encouraging words. Sorry for leaving for a few months but I am back. Thank you for visiting Pecan Momma Tales and I hope you continue to return.

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