McDonald’s All Day Breakfast: Breakfast for Dinner!

As I plan my weekly household meal plan.  It’s important to select meals that I know will not only be healthy for my family but cost effective.  One of the methods that I use is fitting in breakfast for dinner on the menu.  My kids absolutely love the change of pace from the normal drab meat, starch and a side.  It can at times break up the normal daily dinner time monotony.  It can be easy on your shopping budget, as well.  What’s even better is knowing that McDonald’s has an “All Day Breakfast” on their menu.  As mother’s there are days you are tired from a days work.  You just don’t feel like cooking.


Pssst. You are not alone.  But, I’m here with good news to share to uplift your mommy guilt.


Enter to Win the McDonald’s All Day Breakfast: More Choices Giveaway

Our family went to visit McDonald’s this past week.  We were able to find three great additional choices to the menu.  And, some of these new great choices were the biscuit sandwich, McMuffin sandwich and the awesome McGriddles.


If these choices aren’t enough! Here are THREE good reasons to stop the car despite how you may feel. As, we give you a behind the scenes look into McDonald’s All Day Breakfast menu.


Reason #1: It’s Healthy!

I know your saying to yourself stop lying.  But, did you know that the Egg McMuffin sandwich is made with USDA Grade A egg freshly cracked on the spot.  Who knew? They are cooked in a ‘nifty’ egg ring to give that perfectly round shape. I thought it was frozen or the pour out kind of eggs that are in milk cartions.  It was refereshing to find out that they use fresh eggs from cage free hens.


Reason #2:  Variety

You have the healthy options at the all day breakfast that includes.  Great things like whole grain oatmeal with delicious Fruits & Maple.  You can eat that with a side of yogurt parfait that is made with Grade A low fat 1% milk. It makes my mouth water just thinking about it.



Reason #3: Watching Your Weight

I know some of you mother’s are watching your weight like me.  It seems my gut is growing by the year. If I don’t pay attention to what I am eating it can get a bit out of control. You can eat out with out all the guilt. You can watch your calories by selecting specific items on the menu based on your calorie count.  There is a McDonald’s APP you can download that can give you first seat access to all the nutritional information before you order. So, needed!


Disclosure: Pecan Momma Tales partnered with McDonald’s to sample and promote its #AllDayBreakfastMoreChoices menu. Although, no compensation was received for this post. 

These are some simple tips that can reassure you to curb your mommy guilt. Sometimes, take that day off and have breakfast for dinner.  As it will be a healthy choice for you and your family.  Don’t forget to enter into the McDonald’s All Day Breakfast: More Choices giveaway.  Where you can enter for a chance to win the following:

·      McCafe Coffee tumbler

·      McDonald’s I’m Lovin’ it t-shirt

·      McDonald’s keychain

·      Coupons for free McDonald’s All Day Breakfast items


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