Confronting Soul Ties in Marriage

Are there ghosts that haunt your bedroom?  The type of ghost that shows up through girlfriend and boyfriend past.  They lurking in the shadows without you being aware that they are present standing in your bed of matrimony. Memories that come back through total recall that replay like a broken record through your mind. It shows up in your subconscious dreams and daydreams. Have you wondered how can you shake or bust the ghosts that are ruining your present?


Is there a way of fighting the soul ties of your relationship past…You can surely confront the soul ties in marriage…

What are soul ties?

Once a relationship has ended doesn’t mean that it has ended. When you have sexual relations with someone you not only tie to them physically but, spiritually.  Soul ties are defined in the Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance Dictionary defines “cleave”.  When you are entangled and bound together to another person.   You can become one flesh and one soul with someone. That is pretty deep!


It’s when the mind and soul intersects to become one. You can begin to confront these ghost but, they first show up through……



One of the sure fire ways of detecting soul ties in your marriage is once you compare your spouse to someone in the past.  If you begin to think of sexual escapades in your past relationships.  If this begins to show up in your mind you can guarantee your sex life will be hindered. The replay of boyfriends or girlfriends sexual prowess will dim the fire between the love of your life.


Denial of the Truth

If you are unwilling to confront the demons that are hanging in your bedroom.  How can you expect for anything to change?  You will continue to have a mediocre marriage and a mediocre sex life.  You will continue to wonder and can’t seem to put your finger on what is going on in the bedroom.


Confess to One Another

Once you are willing and able to confront the truth.  In order to free one of the first steps is to confess it to your spouse.  No matter how scary that may be to you.  This could be a very freeing experience for you and your spouse.


Take it to the Father

If your partner is lagging in their faith this could be a hard step to take to healing.  But, one of the most intimate things you can do with your partner is to pray with one another.  Begin to speak out loud your frustrations with yourself, family or within your relationship.  This will guarantee the third party help you need to intervene in what is going on.  While it opens up communication between the two of you.


I sometimes wish that I started off  in the beginning with my husband without ALL the baggage.  The baggage of the past relationships hurt and the sexual ties that are hard to break.  My husband and I, once had a conversation on this very subject.  We said to each other, What if? Just what would it have been like if we had waited for one another.  Where there wasn’t any past or ghost popping up to haunt us.  Just to think how freeing that would have been.


I wouldn’t trade in my kids for the world.  But, I always preach now.  Just take a look at my life.


Wouldn’t you rather begin with the love of your life on a clean slate. There is always an agreement and a resounding, “YES!”


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