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Why Should You Sign Up for a FREE Discovery Session?

The Woman on Fire Discovery session will promise to identify the lies that are tripping you up. These lies are blocking your money that you would like to receive the abundant life that you deserve. It is blocking relationship progress as it is causing rifts and conflict with in them. It is attacking you from moving forward on your dreams. Stop tripping up.  Start getting on fire about YOU!  The potential future of your family, money, relationships and dreams.  Your life is depending on it.

This Session is for You if:

  • You have an idea or many ideas and it seems that none of them really reaches their maximum potential.
  • You can’t seem to find the time to dedicate to your business as life is overwhelming you.
  • You struggle in your relationships and can’t seem to pinpoint why your not getting your needs met.
  • Your business is at a stand still and need some clarity and accountability to move it forward.


This was me. I’m just a regular woman, wife, mother and business mover shaker just like you.  I’ve struggled for years trying to find the business that fits me.  It took going through many failures for me to figure it out.  You have this idea in your head but, it just doesn’t seem that it can come out. As I share with you my entrepreneurial journey in becoming the effective independent contractor.  Which could apply to any business, blog, or beyond.


Just Think, It Doesn’t Have to Stay this Way!

Get on Fire on Your Business  

You will have the opportunity to get your finances in order. There are several tips that I will share to maximize your earnings.

  • Profitable website tips
  • Valuable Blogging Hacks
  • Market Analysis Tips
  • Crucial Preparation tips

Get of Fire on Your Relationships  

A fulfilled woman can master the  relationships in their home. You will begin to pursue yourself and not be dependent on a man to complete them

  • Identify strategy to have a successful relationship
  • Ultimate principal introduced for a content life
  • Discover your potential & cut the co-dependency

Get on Fire on Your Dreams 

One question I get a SAHM and independent contractor is….What do you do all day? How do you make money? The time tested experience and tips will build you a blueprint for your dreams.

  • Discover how to make time in your full schedule
  • Effectively package and communicate your passions
  • Pinpoint your fears and stop them in their tracks
  • Organization Hacks

Ready to Take Action? Let’s Make This Happen.

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