After sitting down to talk with Edna Bruce you soon get filled with her fresh outlook on life while getting swept away by her infectious laugh despite the obstacles life has handed her.  This resourceful wife and mother shared her heart on motherhood and diving into a new business venture.  I seen myself in her story as we continue to make a better life for our children. We are both excited about being the entrepreneurial mother’s as we seek ways to be an asset to the household. 
1. What’s your name and where do you live?
My name is Edna Bruce and I am from Brighton Heights, Pittsburgh, PA
2. How many children do you have? And, What lesson has your child (ren) taught you?  How has it impacted/ changed your life?
I have 4 children. 2 stepdaughters Alexandria 24, and Rastyllsji 23, my biological daughter Jurnee 11, and son John 9.  As long as you give unconditional love, it will be returned right back to you tenfold. I see all people in a positive loving light with no judgement.
3. What’s the BEST part about motherhood?
 You get to see a miniature you enjoying their life to the fullest with no worries…
edna family
4.) What’s the HARDEST part about motherhood?
I have a special needs son so right now. The hardest thing for me is to make sure that he is not handicapped by this society. I’m constantly fighting with school systems, therapies, insurances to make sure that he has the best care. All without making him feel like he is not capable of being a “normal kid”.
5.) Tell us about your business.  How did it start? Why did you decide to start it?
I am an independent consultant for Rodan and Fields- the makers of Proactiv. They have a new skincare product line for people of all colors and or skin conditions. A good girlfriend/old colleague of mine brought this venture to my attention. I decided to give it a try because I’m always on the go with work or my family anyways, so why not make money in my leisure and help enrich other people’s lives in the process. I am proud to be working for R+F products because I’ve personally seen the transformations of many customers skin. I want every woman to feel confident about themselves and look good on the outside as well as on the inside.
6.) What obstacles have you overcome? What keeps you going at the end of the day?
I had to overcome dealing with social media. I have always been very formal with people but, now I can informally advertise my business through social media. A friend then tells a friend who tells another friend, and so on… At the end of the day, I like to enjoy the fruits of my labor and I would love to retire and continuously travel by 55years of age!
7.) Any advice for Moms (or soon-to-be-Moms)?
My advice for moms is to teach your children about God and help them to form their own relationships with God. Let them know that they are loved unconditionally by your actions and you will see the positivity in theirs.
 You can find out more about Edna’s independent consultant business by visiting .   You will find many of the great products that her website has to offer.

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Syreeta Gordon is a mom blogger, virtual assistant, freelance content writer and social media strategist with Syreeta Gordon Enterprises.  Her hope is to guide women and families by educating, inspiring, and guiding mothers to make sound decisions in their life’s journey. Where they will receive assistance in guiding them to attain their life’s goal.


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