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Eshe’s experienced one setback after another and turned it into a triumph!  She has faced so, much heartbreak in such a small amount of time.  Loss of a loved one, loss of her home and loss of her health!  Eshe’s is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where we met online and soon found that we had alot in common. We are not only mompreneaur’s, where Eshe’s is a mother of three adult children; LeNaiya -23 , Christopher 21, Miesha 19 yrs old.  When life kept giving her one unexpected punch after another. She was able to get back up and see the light in every situation.

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1.). What lesson has your children taught you? How has it impacted your life?

Having children taught me to read everything before I sign it and to think before I act. I learned Patience!

I had to learn how to stand up for myself in order to stand up for my children.

2.) What’s the BEST part about motherhood?

Knowing that there is a beautiful person in the world because of me and seeing that I will never be forgotten is awesome!

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3.) What’s the HARDEST part about motherhood?

The hardest part for me was when my children’s father passed on sooner than expected. He was only 37 years old and I was destroyed by it. I lost everything, my home, money, almost lost my job and my life due to depression and health issues. Picking up the pieces , smiling, loving and continuing on for my kids was the hardest test of time for me. I still had to discipline them and keep them on track. As a mother, you have to be tough as nails and gentle as a lamb at all times.

4. ) What words of wisdom would you share with a mother or (soon-to-be-mom’s)?

Make sure you are conscious of money because it matters. Keep a good bank account. You do not have to be in debt and don’t do it all by yourself. Stay away from payday loans, student loans and credit cards unless it is just absolutely unavoidable. Get a credit card and keep it locked up with a spare set of keys. Keep a copy of your kids birth certificates and social security cards in a safe deposit box at a bank. Get renters insurance in every place you live no matter what! I learned this the hard way when my apartment burned down and I lost everything!

5.) Tell us about your business.  How did it start? Why did you decide to start it?

My business is open to all people but, is geared towards people with disabilities. A lot of people for many reasons can not negotiate small clasps , fasteners and regular jewelry connectors. Often times people swell up a lot due to medicine, MS , Diabetes, hypertension and etc.  They pay so much for jewelry that does not fit that has to be adjusted or given away.

I had these problems all too often so, I thought of a way to solve it. I make the jewelry look elegant, fun and attractive all by taking away clasping hassles. I have a line of new jewelry that has no fasteners and stretches four times when your body is just not itself. For years, I made jewelry at home in whatever spare time I could find and with whatever money I could muster. Now, I finally have a technique and a affordable way to do it.  I decided my kids are grown it is time for me to at least try my dream.  I never did anything just for me until now!  Although, I am not sure if it will catch on, I am still going to give it my best!

6.) What obstacles have you overcome? What keeps you going at the end of the day?

I had to overcome the pain of making the jewelry itself. I suffer a lot of pain and fatigue from my illness and this is a good way to push myself to keep going. I am a very strong person. I was fiery in my youth. Now that I am sick  it’s as though people perceive me as dying or something, it is ridiculous! What keeps me motivated is the fact that I have never had anything nice in my life but my kids. No nice clothes, shoes, fancy jewelry and never traveled anywhere nice. I believe that I have the chance to at least experience some of it at least, I will know I did something in life.

“At least,  I got up and tried. I also get to show the world how amazing physically and mentally challenged people are!”

Eshe makes jewelry that is easy for people to wear targeting those who can’t use clasps, fasteners or difficult to wear jewelry.  Her jewelry is easy to put on and take off. The jewelry also is good if you have problems with swelling and need your jewelry to stretch sometimes as she does.  She give’s special discounts to all persons with disabilities of all kinds. 

Please visit her online shop at: http://ladyismeniascloset.wix.com/ladyismeniascloset  and

Follow her on Twitter @issyboo74

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small bio picAbout Syreeta Gordon

Syreeta Gordon is a mom blogger, virtual assistant, freelance content writer and social media strategist with Syreeta Gordon Enterprises.  Her hope is to guide women and families by educating, inspiring, and guiding mothers to make sound decisions in their life’s journey. Where they will receive assistance in guiding them to attain their life’s goal.

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