Can you believe it’s almost Christmas? If you are anything like me on this aspect of planning for holiday shopping.  I tend to suck really bad at being on top of things ahead of time. No, sweat, I got you covered! I pulled together some great and impressive last minute gifts that will meet you and that special mother in your life.


So, why not celebrate that special mother figure with these gifts that will surely put a smile on her face.  Take a look at five of the best last minute gifts every mommy will love…look no further



1.) Mamma Bear Tee

What mother wouldn’t just love this comfy tee? She can be the proud mommy that she is by without saying a word. While she is out and about or relaxing on the weekend. Just treat her to something that makes a statement of who she is…

mamma bear tee


2.) Dock-A-Tot

Do you have a mommy friend that is expecting soon? She will love you so much for giving her this gift of sleep.  I used it for my newborn and we use it more than her crib. It’s been a co-sleeping lifesaver! She loves it more than sleeping in her crib. When you gain some extra hours…just send me a thank you!


3.) Mommy Tote

If you know a mommy friend that is a wife and a boss.  She will love this fabulous tote! So, many of us are juggling these roles. Even me as we speak! She will love this bold statement tote.

mom tote


4.) Tassel Necklace

She will absolutely love this tassel necklace.  It will be the pop of color to brighten up any outfit. This would look good with a t-shirt or dressed up with your work outfit.



5.) Electronic Writing Pad

This unique find will come in handy in writing that shopping list or keeping your fussy toddler entertained in the back seat.  All at a reasonable price. When you can’t find any paper handy.  This is bound to keep your little one entertained.



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