Where there is no vision the people are unrestrained;” –Proverbs 29:18

Are you feeling a bit stuck? Wondering why your idea or dream that is inside your heart and belly isn’t moving forward. There was a time where I was working one dead end job after the next. Feeling unfulfilled as I did from the last one.  Not having a clear goal in mind.  All except knowing I needed a job. I needed money to pay the bills. It comes a point where you have to ask yourself the question. Is this it? What am I truly here for?


There are four proven questions that I asked myself that helped me to gain vision for my business or side hustle

4 Proven ways


I am a firm believer that every idea can be turned into a business.  You have to get quiet enough in yourself to ask some tough questions.


  • Defining your Why?

You have to ask yourself the question.  Why are you in business in the first place? Do you have a special skill or hobby you can turn into a business?  Are you a creator?  Meaning are you that person that is good with your hands. Can you flip that craft that you love to create into a product? Maybe, you are that go to person that is good at teaching and guiding others.


  • What Type of Business are you?

The meaning behind breaking this down in the simplest form would be what problem do you solve. There is a gift that was placed on the inside of you.  Only you are able to solve that very problem on this earth.  Some people may say that it is a skill or talent that you have but you have to think further than that.  Your skill or talent may be attached to that business but most importantly.  You will solve the very problem that people are waiting for you to stand up to take the initiative to solve.


Check out today’s video below. I break down the same process.  Where it can encourage you to get out of your slump.  You will begin to be refueled with the confidence to move forward in that project, idea or business.



  • What’s in your house?

This simply means what resources do you possess already.  It wouldn’t have to take a immense amount of money to start up.  You can simple use what you have already.  In these days and times, if you have WiFi access and a laptop.  You are on a winning starting point.


  • Who is your audience?

There is a unique set of people that only you can touch. These people will be your customers. The problem that you are going to potentially solve involves your unique tribe of people.  Some like to call it your niche. Do some research to figure out who those unique people are and what they interested in?  It can open up doors to giving you the direction you need.


These are four basic questions that I asked myself before starting any project or business. Answering these questions will give you the clarity that you need. So, you could be on your way to beginning that blog or business that you have been desiring to start.


Sometimes we all get into a slump in life or in creating a dream business. You may be struggling right now relation ally or financially. I feel your pain. If you follow these steps you are sure to be on your way.


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