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Four Steps in Crushing the “Husband” Idol

 Not everyone has the refined man of god that we dreamt of and hoped for when we were once in our singleness. Ciara and Megan Good seemed to have lucked up (as it may seem to the outside world?)  and received the men that every girl longs and desires to possess.   Especially, the ‘good’ ‘Ol Christian woman that is consecrated and waiting for the Lord.  We long to have the “Men of God” that will cover us in prayer and pick us up in our walk with God when we seem to wavering ourselves.  A man that is strong in his relationship with God where he can be the teacher and leader that you feel safe in secure in.  Is this too much for any man to live up to this expectation or is it a lack of poor relationship choices on our part.



I have learned that we must tear down and separate ourselves by following four steps in crushing the Husband Idol….


The life of Deborah in the book if Judges seemed to illuminate my heart. Her life gave me some understanding to this particular issue.  She was a prophetess and leader in her community.  Great men that lead armies came to her for sound advice on what they should do in battle.  Prophet can mean several things but, I would like to break it down to meaning ‘to speak’. The prophet literally speaks what is on God’s heart that could be current or in the future tense.  She was this woman of great spiritual strength but her husband was lacking.  However, this didn’t seems to bother her husband or her at that matter.


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Lappidoth took a back seat to her leadership but, it didn’t make him lesser of a man.  Lappidoth name actually means “flame”.  It may look seem to the outside world that Deborah’s husband didn’t have the same gift of leadership and fire as Deborah.  But, his gift was a little different that Deborah’s strong gift on the prophetic.


You know what I have found?


As women of God, we tend to jump to tearing down our husband’s when they are not in the tight position of our expectation.  Women of the church fall victim of this too often.  I use to question my husband’s desire for the Lord.  Just because his fire and flame wasn’t as big as mine.


It takes a strong woman to recognize…


Your Not Above Him

As we grow in our spiritual lives we must not think of ourselves above our husband’s spiritual walk.  Just because his may be lagging behind.  Sometimes, one may be in position to cover the others multitudes of sins.


Confronting Shame From the Church

I had to face the judgement and shame from the church because of my husband’s walk with the Lord.  My husband believes in God and worships Him his own way.  I had to recognize his own church hurt while not pushing him too far ahead.  Not, judge the church family for their inability to come along side him in his time of need. While forgiving them for judging his walk with the Lord.


Don’t Slow Your Roll

I was guilty in conceding my walk with Christ. As I waited for his growth in the Lord. I realized that I couldn’t slow myself down for his sake.  I had to keep pushing on no matter how lonely the walk may get. Don’t give up!


It’s Time to Crush Your Idols

There was an awakening that took place within me where I had to come to the point of crushing my own  idols.  Sometimes, the idol was him.  We don’t realize that idols are anything that we put before God. It’s time to put you first because there are some things you just may be missing.

 holding hands revise


And do you know what?

In ten years, you just don’t know where his growth might be once you let go of waiting on HIM! What about you “Woman of God” do you want your spiritual life to suffocate while he is figuring it out.  You will thank yourself for your strength in letting go….



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