#Hustle Her Way: Four Points to Empower Every Entrepreneur 

 Equipping Entrepreneurs to Live an Empowered Balanced Life


The “Hustle Her Way” inaugural summit encouraged and equipped droves of ambitious women from New York to Pittsburgh! The event took place in Pittsburgh’s start-up launching pad, Alpha Lab Gear, that was packed with rhythmic clicks of heels and influential conversations amongst start up enthusiast to the veteran business change makers. This Women Empowerment weekend was a powerful tool to kick emerging talent into their unique destiny.


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IN THE MIDST of the room filled with unforgettable empowerment, the visionary that brought this event to life entered the room with confidence highlighted with a pink aurora of beauty.  Kyshira Moffett a brand strategist and blogger at thisishermovement.com that centers around career, branding and lifestyle topics.  As she welcomed herself to the audience, she revealed an impressive human resource and branding background. While introducing the most knowledgeable and persuasive speakers that will help attendees evolve into their most authentic selves.



As I sat and soaked up all the knowledge at the summit it has taught me as a mompreneaur to live a holistic balanced life…


It kicked off with a bit of empowerment that left the room ready to conquer the world.  There were four key points that empower every entrepreneur to achieve their highest potential.


And, they were…


The Importance of Identifying your Passion

The first speaker, Miracle Reed, left you at the edge of your seat at the same time leaving the average church girl torn thinking that she was in the middle of church service.  I was eager in belting out a hearty, “Amen!”  I had to remember that I was sitting at a summit. The speaker and author left an imprint on the audience heart with her story of having the courage to listen to God’s voice to leave her full time job to pursue her dream.  While sharing her life goal of accomplishing writing ten books ALL before the age of fourty years old.  How impressive is that? She drove home the importance of making the decision to be passionate about your struggle.  She advised, “When you are able to identify your passion nothing can stop you?”  It begins with living a life of vision along with knowledge of knowing what you are capable of achieving.




You Must Get Comfortable with Getting Uncomfortable 

The founder of 54Global and global citizen, Ellyse Williams left you leaving behind the notion that it is possible to travel the world.  Matter of fact, she crushed the excuses of not having enough money to see the world by taking the women in the room by the hand.  Showing them the tools she was able to travel the world.  Some of the travel tools she share were the following apps that will sure to get you on the next plane out of your city.  And, they were:

  • ITA/Matrix/ Google Flights
  • Hipmunk
  • Skyscanner
  • Air BNB

She ensured every women to appreciate her journey that you are currently on.  Don’t rush it.  Start to become fully present in the moment. Kick fear out the way!  Just take the leap and turn the page it isn’t that scary on the other side.




Get Your Financial House in Order

Most women we ignore or feel defeated to tackle getting our finances in order.  Robin Rectenwald, Director of Public Relation at Veterans Leadership Program, graciously shared her story of climbing out of $100,000 of student loan debt.  Her journey out of debt motivated her to speak and advocate for college students to make a change.  Some of the points that drove home with me was first don’t ignore it. Identify where you are at by taking a look at your credit, find a financial advisor and begin being a stickler with your budget.   If we control our spending we can control our financial future.



Branding Bombshell Tools

One thing that Kyshira Moffet of the KSM Group that stuck with me was that your brand is who you are.  I never looked at it that way.  She pointed out so many things that was detrimental to getting your brand in tip top shape order. As you develop your brand as a mompreneaur.  We must develop a brand tool kit by polishing up your resume, biography, website, elevator pitch and professional social media platforms.  We must be ready at all times. Most importantly, get out the house…. As mompreneurs we get stuck behind out laptops.  Network, meet people and build your brand.



This past weekend has fueled me beyond my wildest dreams and imagination to go after my dreams fiercely.  It has reminded me the importance and value of who I am! You can turn your passion into a profit that could be a help to you and your household.  It starts with purpose filled goals as it launches you into your destiny.


Don’t forget to get out of the house today!


Meet new people that are like minded and are passionate about pursuing their life’s destiny. You can get more inspiration by downloading a copy of “Unveiled Mother” . This book will prepare you for a step by step reflective inward journey to answer the tough questions to move you closer to your life’s purpose.


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