Do you feel entrapped by the trauma of your childhood? Often do you feel as if you are going to pass down the same horrific patterns of your childhood roots.  Patterns that you believe will affect the way you parent your children.  When will the haunting stop and those patterns break! As I sat down to interview, Sharlene Dominick, I believe that she has been called for such a time as this. As, she answers those tough questions. Where she helps you to dig deep? She just completed a body of work called,  “ I Love Jesus, But I’m A Mess”.  This book is just flowing with deliverance, purpose and powerful self-reflection.


I Love Jesus, But I’m A Mess will take you down a path of hearing one woman’s powerful testimony of brokenness.  As it helps you to look inward into your own personal life downfalls.



So, without further ado….


Tell me about yourself?

I’m a wife, I’m a mom, I’m a survivor of many things. Over and above all of that is my love for the Lord.  That, is why my book is titled, “I Love Jesus, but I Am A Mess”

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How did this book come into being?

It came about when I was 35 years old.  And, my husband came home from work one evening. Super happy to see me. And, because I was so caught up in childhood trauma pertaining to my father. I was just mean and nasty. I was just MEAN.  I saw the lifeblood and the joy just drain from him. That was becoming the theme of our marriage. My childhood. Overshadowing everything that was good in my life.  So, I just started to write about it. I wrote a letter to my parents.  I wrote how much I loved my husband. And, I just wrote just exactly how I felt.  Just an awareness of how much my childhood was destroying my life.  I was over that assault on my life.

Why didn’t the book release around that time in your thirties?

Because, I will write and trigger myself and then I would stop. Between that time and now.  I was in college at the time for undergrad in human services. I had my Bachelors in that so, with school and everything. I sort of had to step away from the book a little bit. Because, of school having to write papers. Also, at that time I had twins that were about two years old when I started to write.  And, teenage sons. The life of a woman who is in college and managing it all. I had to be mindful of my mental health so, I wouldn’t trigger myself.

What did your life entail as you were writing the book?

I started the “Circle of Hope” Outreach Ministry.  So, that took a lot of my attention. I would write here and there.  I always had these other paths the Lord took me on.  I would just go where ever He told me to go.  That was always my prayer.  Where ever you want me to go Lord I will go.  Through that process, I went to Geneva College for a undergrad, as well.


How did Geneva College transform your life?

Each course, there was scripture in every part of our school work. Every part of our class discussion it had to do with scripture. Graduate school just transformed me into a different human being.  At that time, I had alienated my church that I grew up in.  As an adult, I started attending Alliance Church on the Northside of Pittsburgh, PA. When I was 24 or 25.  I grew up there.


What was your turning point?

When I went back to school.  Maybe a week or two.  I found out they were not renewing the lease at the apartment complex center to the drop in center for “Circle of Hope” outreach ministry.  So, my world just fell apart at that time.


How were you able to overcome all that?

It started immediately.  After our first course, each course for those 10 weeks for the fast track masters program. The first course in history of leadership.  I learned this term, Paradigm Shift.  So, a paradigm is how something is done. And, when it shifts it’s like it never even happened.  I was literally in a paradigm shift. Here I was a minister.  I had my own organization. But, it shifted to the point that my life had changed dramatically.  I didn’t understand what God was doing.


The struggle in hiding mental illness

I discovered my calling in leadership and mental health. Because, PTSD was something that I tried to tuck and hide. I was diagnosed with it years ago. I remember when I was still getting high. I was at the end of my rope and my doctor told me that if these med’s didn’t work.  We would have to commit you to a state hospital. It’s easy talk about being a recovering addict.  But, that whole mental illness thing.  Nobody wants to hear about that.  Nobody wants to know any of that…


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 As I listened to the story of this mother, wife, author, evangelist, counselor, and most importantly, a survivor! I sat in awe of her story where you would be amazed by what she broken free from. Once she was set free.  She ran non-stop after her purpose.  Still broken but, still in love with Jesus.  This is the embodiment of her work. Just being transparent enough where it will allow others to take a look at their walk with God.  I believe those that haven’t met the Lord and they read this book it will help them. Ultimately, just to meet them right where they are at.


The book will give you an insiders peek into how her own walk with the Lord.  Also, how she was able to identify and confront the guilt and shame of her past.


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