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It’s not so much what we say that encourages our children on a daily basis.  Raising teenagers can be challenging especially in these days and times. They are watching and observing everything that we do. Not so much the words that are coming out of our mouth. We must become the intentional encouragers to shape the very way that they are thinking.  As we battle against their will and what their friends are speaking into their lives. Our voices have to be more influential than the culture that surrounds them.


So, how do we become the intentional encouragers in the lives of our teenagers…

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If I haven’t gotten this message more than ever in this season in our lives.  It’s the constant reminder of how lost your child is.  Yes, I said it, “Your baby is lost”.  I often find myself complaining about how lazy and selfish they can be.  Often thinking of ways to push them to do the everyday tasks without repeating the same commands over and over. Our kids are these beautiful beings but, we often have to dive in to rescue them from themselves.


Everyday without you even recognizing it your teenager is crying out for help. No matter how independent they believe that they maybe. The inner voice that is crying out for a relationship with Jesus Christ.  While they steadily reject this personal relationship that they desperately need to navigate their choices and daily lives.  There are steps you can take in becoming the intentional encourager in your teenagers life.


And, they are…


The Intentional Prayer Warrior

We must stay consistent in prayer for our kids.  I’m not talking the kinda prayer where we are asking God to protect them on the way to school.  We are charged with the task of stirring their desire for the Lord.   We know our kids strengths and weaknesses.  We must take up their weakness and pray that the Lord strengthens them. It’s up to us to keep praying for them long after they leave the doors of our home. It would be helpful to check out the Pecan Momma Tales Prayer Series on our YouTube channel.  Click below to see…


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The Intentional Partner with the Holy Spirit

We can’t fight this battle alone. The Holy Spirit comes alongside of us in helps us in our prayers and guiding our children.  If you are a parent you know you have been fighting and advocating for your child since they came out the womb.  It’s not time to stop now.  Once your child has said the prayer of salvation and entered the kingdom of God.  We need the help of our spouse, the church, community programs and relatives to assist in molding these efforts.  We stand to not let anyone become the primary influencer in our child’s life. We must train them to hear God’s voice and build a sensitivity in recognizing the way.


The Intentional Encourager Stays in the Word

If the encourager doesn’t stay in the word.  It will be impossible to keep yourself encouraged as you are encouraging your family.  We must discipline ourselves to put God’s word into our hearts to keep ourselves from wandering.  Once we start wandering we can stop them from wandering.  My kids hate me for it now.  As they take deep sighs when I tell them we are going to a short devotional time.  I use to take a dry erase marker and write the word on the bathroom mirror. It would give them so much encouragement. When I stopped they actually were looking for it…


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The Intentional Encourager is on a Personal Journey Themselves

I often advise as mothers we must take the time for ourselves.   As we take time for ourselves things become clearer to us.  Even in our raising of our children that can be challenging at times. As we are in a personal search in solidifying our walk and purpose with God.  We must translate our walk by including him in every decision that we tend to make in disciplining and demonstrating before them the right actions to our kids.  We are God’s partner in this journey


So, think about the next time you see your child getting on your nerves to no end.


While they try to take advantage of the privilege of living in your house is.  When they are complaining about cleaning their room or doing their chores. As you say to yourself, “Who raised you?”



As I seen, our house take on a new air this summer and over the past couple of year’s.  Once my college aged ‘step-daughter’ moved in, it changed the make-up of the household.  Especially, when you are starting from square one with a ‘adult’ child that you are trying to get to know.



As most blended families are aware of the time it takes to get over past. The past relationship drama and expectations that the child has in their mind about their parents.  It can be pretty tough. I found myself stirring up the intentional inner encourager inside of me.


Which I thought was laying dormant in me.  You just have to wake it up!


Begin to ask yourself who are the people that you would like to come along side of you.  As you begin to take on this new role if you haven’t activated it yet.  If your husband isn’t the type to be the spiritual leader in your home.  It’s time to explain to him the importance of teaching your children to build a spiritual relationship with the Lord.


I was surprised to finally see my step-daughter take hold of her gifting.  As I encouraged her to not give up on her dreams.  And, to not fall victim of comparing herself with other people.  Where she was able to complete her video project she felt so discouraged on. Please like and subscribe to the @simplyyliaa


Check out her YouTube channel.  And, new video upload.



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