Lessons Learned: “Differences in Birthing a Child at 16 vs. 40”

Even after overcoming the obstacles in becoming a teen mother at the early age of sixteen.  Lashawna Best has beat the odds of the world’s perceptions that becoming a teen mother your life is automatically over.  It’s definitely, not over for Lashawna the proof is in the pudding while her story is still being written.


Despite the shame that society  tried to put on her at the time of birthing her children.  Her first born Raven Robinson has launched her own PR firm called (PR2Politics) while her second born son is studying to be an Engineer at Texas A & M.  The fruit that is clearly seen in all her children is the proof of her heart, hard work  and dedication that poured into raising her kids. She is first to admit that it is never too late to pursue your dreams with these accomplishments alone her life is a true testimony.  In taking the value in never giving up…


Without further ado.  I would like to introduce Lashawna Best…


1.) How many children do you have? (Names & Ages)

I have amazing 3 children, Raven 25, Charles Jr.21 and Mason who is 3.


2.) When you had your first child at sixteen what was that like?  Could you walk us through your that first birth experience?

To be honest it was scary and I felt confused. Mostly worried about what my life would be become, and I often questioned how I can take care of myself and a child as I was still growing myself. At that time many people made young mothers feel ashamed and I didn’t have anyone I can relate to.


I was in route to school when I seen spotting and went to the hospital. Giving birth was actually fast, she was delivered by a mid- wife in the examination room. It was more pleasant than I expected. No medications or anything.


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2.) What obstacles have you overcome being a teen mother? What are some of your BIGGEST accomplishments that you are proud of?

The biggest obstacle was time managing, being able to enjoy my child hood while being a mom. Everything was about my daughter. Many people assumed I would drop out of high school and I am proud to say not only did I graduate but I did so in time.


My biggest accomplishment is being able to use my wisdom and strength to help my kids accomplish their dreams to ensure they do not make the same mistakes. Also, showing them what the real world is about with no filter.



3.) What have you LEARNED through your past relationships with the father of children? What words of wisdom would you share with the younger you?

Communication is key, and always remember it is not about you personal relationship but what is best for the child.

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4.) What is the best way to navigate co-parenting? How did you overcome communication barriers that got in the way in raising your children?

Setting guidelines in advance so things are clear and a respect each other’s time.


5.) Can you describe the birth experience of your youngest child?  How did it differ from your first?

There was a big difference- Because of my age there were many complications while carrying that I did not experience before. I was in labor for almost 12 hours- I’ve never experienced something like that before in my life, LOL. Even with natural birth of my first two- but once I seem his face it was all worth it.


6.) What lessons has your child (ren) taught you? How did it impact you and changed your life? 

Patience- that importance of taking your time to do a thing.


7.) What’s the BEST part about motherhood?

Watching your kids grow and accomplishing their dreams, while learning and growing with them.


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8.) What is the HARDEST part about motherhood?

Letting go! With everything going on in the world. I wish I could be there with them 24/7 as their protector but we all know that is not reality.


9.) Any advice for Moms (or soon-to-be-Moms)?

Always follow your heart, stay in prayer and do not try to be the Perfect person but do your best. Do not let the opinions of others effect how you raise your children. You have to live with your own decisions and you know what’s best for you family:


Additionally, never underestimate or judge a young mother or get children. You just never know the greatness that individual possess.  Young mothers have so many odds against them that once you beat them and come out victorious it’s a feeling no one can describe. There will always be naysayers have a great network of family and friends it makes all the difference.


Today, if you are feeling as if you being beaten up by motherhood and losing hope.  Just know that your time and effort you are putting in isn’t in vain.  As you are becoming a living example by the sacrifices that you are making daily. As LaShawna has testified that as you are deep in caring for others.  Never lose sight of yourself.


And, as I have seen in meeting LaShawna Best and her daughter.


In the years ahead, the great reward in seeing the results of your children’s life.  As you will experience the pride in seeing your hard sacrifice blooming in the success of their lives. You will  be amazed that every word shared and time spent will be will worth it!



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