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The photographer and self-taught baker-Lakita Anderson-who is the creator of a one stop shop vegan foodie blog called “Simply Lakita”. It’s a destination to get you inspired to create quick and healthy thirty minute meals for your family. After speaking with Lakita, I found we had so much in common.  We especially connected on the inner change that takes place in reinventing your role as a mom in raising teenagers. As our conversation continued, her passion for cooking exuded from her.  You can see it pour out in her pictures that leaves you literally salivating at her delicious images of her recipes.


And, without further ado…Mrs. Lakita Anderson


 1.) Tell us a little about yourself? And, how you got started making these beautiful pictures for your blog?

My name is LaKita and I am the writer, photographer, and baker behind the website Simply LaKita, where I share a little bit about my family and a whole lot of simple, fast, and delicious recipes. In my personal life, I am a divorcee, single mother, that is constantly trying to find the right balance between my home life and work life. I began cooking/baking when I was younger simply by hanging out in the kitchen around my mother and grandmother. Back then if you spent too much time in the kitchen then it was only a matter of time before you would be asked to pitch in and help with something and the things that I learned during that time stuck with me into adulthood. Out of necessity I learned how to prepare good meals in a hurry because time was always so very limited.


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2.) What obstacles have you overcome to launch your business? What keeps you going at the end of the day?
Some obstacles that I had to overcome would be time and support. I still work full time outside of the home and that affords me the security to be able to say yes to the things that I really want to do and no to the things that I do not want to do for the sake of being paid, but that also places restrictions on my time and I have had to say no at times to spending time with friends, wake up at4:00 A.M in order to finish editing pictures for a post, and stay up late nights in order to do site maintenance myself.


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  1. ) How many children do you have? What lessons has your child (ren) taught you?  How has it impacted/ changed your life?I have one son named Michael and he is 16. He has taught me so many lessons such as how to let go of the control freak in me when it comes time to helping him with his school project, that when your child tells you that they need 50 cupcakes for their class…tomorrow….you will either stay up all night baking them or find a late night bakery, purchase them, and be okay with being that mom. That messing with my child can bring out the mama grizzly in me so fast that I didn’t even know that I had that kind of strength in me to bring a grown man to tears.


I learned that kisses on boo boos and having a first aid kit in my house and car made me a superhero in my kid’s eyes. And most importantly my son taught me that allowing him to see me at my most vulnerable didn’t make me weak but human; children are much stronger than we think. All of these lessons and several others has changed my life and made me a much better person.


Launching a business sounds glamorous, but it is a lot of hard work, lack of sleep, and endless cups of coffee. It can also be very frustrating when you first get started because those closest to you may not support or have any clue about what you are trying to do and strangers may be more supportive than friends and family and I believe that is why so many people give up so quickly. Loving what I do is what keeps me going. I would be and was doing this long before I had platform to share it on and I believe I will always be collecting cookbooks and learning new things in the kitchen.


4.) What’s the BEST part about motherhood?

The best part about motherhood is being able to witness your children put into action the lessons that you have taught them. When you are in it sometimes it can be hard to see if your children get it, but then one day…boom…it happens and you can smile inside knowing that you taught your child that thing…and they got it.


5. ) What’s the HARDEST part about motherhood?

The hardest part is when they transition into being a teenager/young adult and they become more independent and have their own lives and you see them less and less. You have to sort of redefine your role as their mother and so the letting go is the hardest part.


6.) Any advice for Moms (or soon-to-be-Moms)?

Take it day by day. Learn to pick and choose your battles. Enjoy the moments because they go by so very quickly.

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7.) Any words of wisdom that you would leave to mothers that have a dream but, a little too afraid to step out and start it?

Just do it! Imagine someone in the world needs that one thing that you do and they can only receive it from you and so you cannot let fear stop you because that one little idea that you have could really turn into something big. And really what is the worse thing that could happen if you step out on your dream and fail, nothing except you end up at the same place that you are at right now. Following your dreams should always outweigh your fears.

And, you heard her. It’s time to kick fear out of the way…


I don’t remember where I heard this line from but, some one once said that fear stands for (False. Evidence. Appearing. Real.)  What lies are you believing today? As Lakita said, “Just do it!”  If you are afraid of taking that step and finding your getting in your own way. Please do not hesitate.  There is no time like the present for you to walk into what God is calling you to become. Someone out there is desperately waiting to hear the voice and you are remaining silent.   It time to become unveiled.  This book will propel you to take the leap! Order your copy today!


Un Veiled Mothe 3D Book Cover

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  1. The pictures of your recipes look so tasty and I loved that acronym you shared about what fear stands for: False. Evidence. Appearing. Real. All the best to you and your endeavors.

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