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Imagine losing your mother at a young age at a time in your life when you desperately needed her.  Imagine experiencing the joy of birthing your first born son. Later, enduring the father of your child not being involved in your son’s life. After experiencing all this how easy it would be to lose all hope.  Imagine in fact, picking up the pieces of the losses and turning ashes into beauty.



When sitting down with Maria Watts you are ignited by her strength and beauty. As she didn’t allow set backs to stop her from going after her dreams.


Without any more delay, I introduce Maria Watts….


Tell us a little about your business?

My business is called “Beads by Ree” they are African waist beads.  The tradition started in Ghana that represents royalty and wealth. Also,  they would make they very heavy and it would shrink the ladies waist.  The heavier they are the more it shrinks.  I turned it into a modern fashion type situation. You can wear it on the beach or with your swim suit. It’s really meant for your mate to see the beads because its more intimate.

beads fashion spread


How long you been in business?

I’ve been in business for about a month. I had the idea for a while.  I wanted to do something different. Something that they never seen in Pittsburgh before.  African culture became my inspiration.


What is your back story?

I’m originally from Pittsburgh from the Eastside. (Highland Park/Garfield) I’m a single mother of a son he is two years old.  His name is Roman. It was hard being a single mother because my mother isn’t around. Everything I do I do it for my son. I do everything myself. I go to school at Carlow University for Social Work and I also work with special needs children. I’m changing my major to business management because I want start my non-profit.

 in cafe pic pose.revised

So, Tell Us About the Non-Profit?

It doesn’t have a name yet. It will be a mobile van service for single mothers that have two or more children. It will help them get to appointments or the WIC office or anywhere they need to go. It would be appointment based and the service will come pick them up.  We will drop them off when they are ready. I want to have that soon so right now a group of us wants to fund it.


You can listen to more of the interview here by clicking the picture below…. (3)

 Maria Watts is full of promise and drive where I know for sure we will be seeing and hearing about her in the future.  This culturally aware mother is carving out her own opportunity where I know she will be successful.


If you would like to purchase Beads by Ree”  you could click this link.  Message her Facebook Page for an order.  You will be amazed by the beauty of the glass beads while you will be sure to entice your husband or spouse with them.

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And do you know what?
Every set back we believe is a setback is always setting us up for something greater to be birthed out of our lives later…


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