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Yolanda Curtis-Wilson, her hands became a gift that creates such magnificent beauty. She spends hours crafting out detailed flower head pieces and jewelry creations. Each piece has it’s own unique flare that tell a elaborate story that is hand crafted for each individual client.   After admiring her beautiful pictures on Instagram, we immediately connected. As she wanted to share her journey into launching her business while having the ability to persevere through life’s rejections.


Without further ado, I introduce Yolanda Curtis-Wilson of Yomari Creations


1.) Tell us a little about yourself? And, how you got started making these beautiful creations?

I’m a “Southern Girl”, born and raised in Louisiana.  As a child, adolescent, and young adult I’ve always loved working with my hands, and my favorite things to draw, paint, or work with were flowers and beads.  Over the last 30+ years that love has ignited into a passion and more recently “blossomed” into a small business.  My love for all things flowers and jewelry led me to what is today CLASSIC * ELEGANT * UNIQUE; Yomari’s Creations.  I’ve studied various styles of jewelry making and floral design (including African and Japanese techniques, respectively) and fused what I’ve learned to enhance and expand my brand.  I currently custom design jewelry and hand craft fabric brooches, fascinators and other accessories.

creation 1.revised


2.) What obstacles have you overcome to launch your business? What keeps you going at the end of the day?

As an artist and designer in my own right, I’m sensitive about my craft.  I create what I love and believe in.  Not what’s hot – at the moment – but what I consider timeless treasures!  Nonetheless, I’ve been told “NO” many times, whether it’s to participate in festivals, advertise in shops, or other events.  I don’t fit in any specific genre so people either get me or they don’t.  They’ll either love me or they won’t.  Therefore, those “NO’s” don’t break me.  They’ve only made me reinvent myself stronger, more confident, and better than ever.  What keeps me going is the calm assurance that God has destined me for great things.  My gift(s)/talents are God given and I cherish them.  I use them because I don’t want to lose them.  And, when I look at each completed piece/creation I and know that everything I touched and designed was ultimately fashioned by God…so it has to be fabulous.


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4.) How many children do you have? What lesson has your child (ren) taught you?  How has it impacted/ changed your life?

1 (step) daughter, Jiaya. I’ve learned to be patient through the (parental) process.  Children don’t expect us to be perfect.  They just want us to be present and available to them.  My motherhood experience has been unique and blessed because I am reminded of my childhood; what worked and did not work for me and my parents.  I am so grateful to have a voice, to have a role, and to make a difference in her life.  It has impacted me in such a way that I want to do more, be better, set good examples, own up to my mistakes and just be the best, authentic me I can be for myself and for her.

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5.) What’s the HARDEST part about motherhood?

The HARDEST part about motherhood is letting go.  There’s so much going on in the world, more importantly right here in our state, city, and neighborhoods.  I grow increasingly concerned about the safety and welfare of my daughter and youth in general.  We have to pray and trust that the morals and values we pour into them will stay with them throughout the course of their adolescent and adult lives.  It’s hard to let go because I know the good, the bad, the ugly and indifferent that the real world has in store.


6.) Any advice for Moms (or soon-to-be-Moms)?

My advice to moms is to talk to your children and make it a priority to know what’s going on in their lives.  I’m not saying be your child’s best friend but I am suggesting that there be an avenue for open dialogue.  Our children are faced with so many peer pressures and stress that we often time cannot begin to fathom.  They need boundaries; a safe haven, and to feel secure, loved, and respected.  They don’t care about a perfect parent/guardian just a nurturing environment where they can receive love – even when they mess up, because they will mess up…


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7.) Any words of wisdom that you would leave to mothers that have a dream but, a little too afraid to step out and start it?

If you have a dream, passion, vision, or whatever you choose to call it, invest the time and energy into making it a reality.  Take baby steps if you must, as long as you make a move.  I hid my talents for a long time before others encouraged me to put myself out there.  Yes, it can be scary because you don’t know what the outcome will be, BUT I implore you to :  Have FAITH;  BELIEVE in yourself;  TRUST your instincts;  Be RESILIENT;  Be DARING;  Take a chance on Y-O-U…you deserve it.  You may sway, falter and bend but you will not break.  And, when you fall, get back up again…keep it moving!  I’ve taken a few different paths before landing on the road that I’m traveling now.  The ride has been turbulent at times.  There have been forks in the road as well as obstacles and warning signs; yet,  I’ve kept my eyes on the prize and hastened to God’s promise that He would “never leave, nor forsake me.”


“For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven.  So I saw that there is nothing better than for people to be happy in their work.  That is our lot in life…”  Ecc. 3: 1, 22 (NLT)


And, do you know what?


There is no time like the present to activate and take action steps toward making your dreams come true.  What do you believe is holding you back? As Yolanda said, “You deserve it!”  If you are unsure of who you are or what your dreams may be at the present moment. Don’t you hesitate.  There is no time like the present for you to walk into what God is calling you to become.  It just has to be unveiled.  This book will propel you to take the leap! Order your copy today!

Un Veiled Mothe 3D Book Cover

If you want to follow and interested in ordering your own unique hand crafted creations.  You can reach out to Yolanda through the following channels:


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Webite:; IG – #yomaricreations; FB – Yomari’s Creations

Contact:; 504-327-7652



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