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What we all need more of is time.  If I could skip one step in my morning routine it takes the edge off the stress.  The stress that will over take you through pregnancy and after you deliver your baby.  One of the major keys that helped me was to shorten my morning beauty routine.  I have discovered a protective style that has given me what I need more of…..time.


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When I discovered the power of a great ponytail extension and a mean up do ponytail style. It was a game changer for me. As a mother that was working while pregnant.  It gave me more time to relax with a cup of coffee or slow down to be able to be on time for work. Once the baby arrived, it gave me the time to look good for myself while boosting my own self-esteem.  It’s good to do something for you. As you are taking care of your precious newborn.


One of those go to styles is…


Ponytail Fabulousness

Never underestimate the power of a brushing your hair back into a beautiful ponytail extension.  All I need is my EcoStyler gel, hair pins, and my favorite hair brush.  Once you tie your hair scarf on to allow the gel to flatten it down.  You will look pulled together effortlessly. You can change up your style with a ponytail hairpiece.  Divatress is one of my go to brands that have a variety of hair textures in extensions.  I tend to lean towards the curly and textured styles. You could check these great hair pieces for yourself…HERE



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