Past, Present & Future: Legacy of Black Woman Blazing the Trail


Through the eyes of a child you have an innate ability to see right into the soul of the patriarchs of our homes.  Growing up looking into the eyes of my mother she  was a beacon of light that was the teacher, nurse, preacher, boo boo kisser, CEO, CFO, Master chef and counselor that was the anchor of our family. 

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The list would go on of the many hats that she was able to wear being a single mother of four children. As I look into my past, she was the woman that I modeled myself after to become. A woman of grace, integrity and so much strength. She up held it in a time where many mothers that surrounded us in our neighborhood began to give up. Where the children became secondary to the man at the moment. Where loneliness took presence over that temporary relationship that blew their way at that particular season. My mamma said, “No”, there is a higher calling and a standard that had to be elevated.  In order to fight for the peace and sanctity of our home.

In school, there wasn’t that much to learn about our heritage and black history. It wasn’t until I graduated from high school to college.  Where I began, to really study and hear about the richness of my past as an African American. African American meaning we are mixed with so many races and cultures that come together into one melting pot.  The two women in history that struck me the most came in a time period in my life when I was teaching secondary education.  I read more about the lives of Madame C.J. Walk and Zora Neale Hurston.  The personal stories behind these women that made them the outstanding entrepreneurs and writers in history today.

The way in which Madame C.J. Walker was able to hold on to a dream that God had given her in the middle of the night.  Where she was able to take that dream and turn it into a profitable business.  It was so inspiring to me. I didn’t value these women until I made the effort to make the individual search of their ‘back story’.  Which so filled my soul. It had inspired me to keep pursuing my dream of becoming that writer and entrepreneur, to this day!  These women from the past and present has continued to motivate me to become more, do more and be more.

The women of the past and present still inspire me to this day!  Who inspires you? Do you have a dream or a hope for the future that you are holding on to.  Just think about who has inspired you in your past and even today. I would love to hear from you.


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