A mother’s journey overcoming major losses to pursing her dreams

The owner of “Dance Academy of Praise” Terrae Davis opens up about her past, the lessons she learned after overcoming the loss of her marriage, overcoming major health complications, her pursuit of her relationship with God and the next stop of her journey is going back to school to earn her business degree at Strayer University.

  Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things.” Whenever I seek God and His purpose and his righteousness. I don’t have to worry about…  I gotta get a job.  I gotta get money.  I gotta pay bills….


When I sat down to have this candid conversation with Terrae Davis along with her girl-next-door charm and mega-watt smile hid a woman who, in her own words revealed, “God puts us in position where he orchestrates our lives as such that he will position us to receive the maximum amount of blessing.”


Terrae advised that whenever we are trying to make things happen in our future in our humanness then it’s one thing. We our forcing our will by doing what we want to do when it’s not what he intended for our lives in the first place. God will raise his hands sort of speak to let you do what you want to do. Then whenever we step into his will for our lives. This is when that scripture in the bible comes into play. Where God clearly states, “He is going to bless us above what we may ask or think.” We just accessed God’s blessings for us when we just believe. As we got acquainted with one another there was more to learn and to glean from her experience.


The Back Story of Her Journey and Personal Testimony…. 

Terrae knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that God wanted her to open a dance school.  She said, “A year ago, you wouldn’t have been able to tell me that I would have a dance studio by now.”

After being a devoted wife for fifteen years, she didn’t receive the needed support from her husband as she would have hoped for during their marriage.  As she said, “Whenever you want to do something it doesn’t necessarily make any sense at the time to your husband. I’m like ‘No!” I gotta do what God wants me to do.”  Her husband felt that returning to school and starting a business was too much of a financial risk and as a family he felt they had everything they needed. The married couple seem to have the entire picture of the American Dream. They were both ministers in their church that were dedicated to God and their faith. They had the half acre of land, children in private schools, two cars and a beautiful home. It took a lot of courage and inner strength to make the decision to leave to start her life all over again.

After being with her  high school sweetheart for twenty years, this was the first time she has ever been single. At the time, her only source of income was her disability check. On top of being stifled in her marriage, she was disabled. She suffered with fibromyalgia. She had to endure nine surgeries and had to take several medications on a daily basis. A disability check wasn’t enough to take care of her and her two sons. She couldn’t afford to keep them. She was left alone in a roach invested apartment without a stitch of furniture. She slept on her bare floor. Terrae began to share her heart and said, “Whenever I hit rock bottom. I was like, O.K. God.  I was convinced that God had a plan. You have a plan.  I didn’t have control over any of this. And, I don’t regret leaving my marriage because I had to get out of it.” Terrae never went into the details of her marriage. She believes strongly in keeping that piece of her life between her and her husband.


 Overcoming obstacles…keeping motivated.

The key in her life that gave her the ability to overcome major obstacles was building a foundation with Christ. It didn’t start overnight it was a process as she states, “Day by day and step by step. Brick by brick. My favorite scripture that pops up is, Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things….” She shares how when we seek God’s kingdom first he will take care of our deepest desires and inner most needs.  She said, “I was like God, I don’t even know how to do that.  How do I seek your kingdom…I pray and I go to church. I sing the songs.”  I know that it must be more than that.  I started reading my bible daily and taking time to pray and worship God privately. In this time, I pray and talk to God about concerns and thank Him. She advised when she actively applied this principle in her life that is when she began to see things change in her life.  She was committed to getting her life into the needed position.

After a solid year of her just being in tune with God’s voice and seeking him out first in her life. After about a year, she knew she wanted to do something great. She wanted to ignite her dream again to open that dance school.

Dealing with her illness and the process in her journey….

Amazing things began to happen in her life. First, she got healed from her high blood pressure and got off of taking her medications. It came down to one fateful day at a church service.  The pastor pointed to Terrae Davis and said, “You are healed in Jesus Name.” She went to her next doctor’s appointment where she had seen several specialist. She told her doctors that she was healed. The doctors all laughed at her. They advised that she does need to take these medications. She has been on migraine medicine for over ten years. The doctors attempted to wean her off the medications. She advised, “Some medicines you just can’t stop taking because you will get sick. I am stepping out of faith. I stepped out on faith when I left my marriage.  I stepped out on faith…I believed I am healed.” They took her off all the medications. She is free from all the medications. She still struggles with symptoms but, she pushes through it. She said, “I see people withour limbs running marathons.  You don’t have legs and you run marathons. I know my relationship with Christ and I know who God is.”



Hearing God’s voice and having the opportunity to be on the Steve Harvey Show

When asking her,”How do you hear God’s voice? Terrae says,”That’s a good question, I got to the point where I could hear the Holy Spirit speaking.  When she gets alone in a room and it’s just quiet that’s when God begins to speak.  After sharing her story with her insurance agent when getting her insurance for her dance studio. The insurance agent was so taken aback by her story. He said, “ You should tell your story.” She didn’t pay him any mind after leaving the appointment. After she got into the car the Holy Spirit says, “It’s coming from me.” “You need to tell your story.” Terrae didn’t hesitate. She went home and wrote it out. She sent it to Oprah, Steve Harvey, and Ellen. In just three days the Steve Harvey show producers calls her back. She looks at me intently saying, “When God has a blessing for you he will put you in a position to receive the blessing.” When the Holy Spirit said write the story and send it. She wrote the story and sent it. She simply obeyed the command that God had given to her.

Terrae wasn’t backing down and didn’t wallow in her own misery after enduring one deadly blow after another in her life. Davis saw the blessing in every situation that was handed to her.  When she hit rock bottom she put God first in her life. She slowly gained new perspective and in her pain she discovered how to build a relationship with God.

praise dance

She spends her time focusing on motherhood, building her dance school and pursuing her business degree.  You can find out more about the Dance Academy of Praise by visiting http://www.danceacademyofpraise.com.  You can keep up on the latest updates on Dance Academy’s Facebook Page at Facebook/danceacademyofpraise. Please visit the Pecan Momma Tales you tube channel to check out the interview.

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