I have been missing from the blogging scene for a few months now.  It was for good reason.  I found myself unexpectedly pregnant at almost 40 years old.

I know you are like…What? So, was I?  I am just as surprised as you are.  I just didn’t think I could get pregnant. Not that we were trying or anything.  After a while you just think that your biological clock is up in the having babies department. Sometimes, birth control isn’t 100%, okay! I was satisfied with my (1) biological daughter and (2) step children. I felt that it was enough. I was satisfied and content with this fact.


But, what do you do when you find yourself pregnant at almost 40… Now What?

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After collecting myself, I found that I wasn’t alone. Especially, having children past your time.  It is more common than you think.  As I heard after receiving the confirmation from my OB/GYN doctor.  More women are having babies at an older age more than ever.


Getting the news that you are having a baby at any age when you least expected. It can take you on an emotional roller coaster.  I can recount the phases that I went through in this pregnancy that I had to go through.


  • The Shock of it All

I thought I couldn’t get pregnant. It has been seven years since my husband and I been married.  I just didn’t think that it was possible.  So, when Aunt Flo was late and I took the at home test. I was in absolute shock that I was pregnant.  Our kids are teenagers on their way to graduating high school.  Our minds were in a place of being child free post-graduation.



  • It Just Can’t Be

Once getting over the initial shock denial began to set in.  I had a pretty irregular period but, this time It was more weird that usual. But, when I felt it was a little off.  I decided I needed to get a for sure confirmation from my OB/GYN doctor. Besides, after I took my at home test.  My husband was in denial, too.  He looked at that stick and thought the second line was too light. In my head I felt in my gut this can’t be right.  One of those thoughts was maybe the baby is ectopic and stuck in my fallopian tubes. Now how ridiculous is that…


  • Just Suck it Up

Once you get past the shock and awe of denial. You slowly begin to accept the news that you will be having a baby soon. My mind went into a place of preparing for my baby to come into this world. I began to read and watch every YouTube video possible on everything baby. I began to shop and plan out what I needed for the baby.


You just very well be in my shoes as we speak.  As you ask yourself, I am pregnant now what! Some may feel it is a joyous occasion.  If you don’t feel those happy feelings.  Give yourself some grace.   And, trust and believe that you are not alone, if you feel otherwise. At any age and season in our lives when something unexpected comes our way.  You will find a way to make the proper adjustment.  As you get use to your new normal.


I know… I know you may be feeling that fear start to creep into your gut. The thoughts of how am I going to afford another child.  Do I have the time or patience? Do I have what it takes to be a mother?


But, do you know what?  This is when the good stuff begins to be revealed from inside of you.  Where you will begin to see a side of you come out that you were not aware of.  Noticing how much stronger and wiser you will become…

There is no time like the present for you to walk into what God is calling you to become.  It just has to be unveiled.



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  1. Robin!

    I didn’t know that your kids were 17 years apart too. I felt like I was done. But, I guess God had different plans. Your grand baby is gorgeous.

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