It’s hard to imagine that we are just passing through this life.  Reflect for a moment, just waking up this morning and believing that this is when you take your final breath on earth. Instead, we live as if we have all the time in the world and that our lives are untouchable.  In our minds and hearts there is an unconscious knowing we will see the light of tomorrow morning.


Recently, there has been some unimaginable events that took place in my life. Which has breathed into me a new way of approaching life. As we all witnessed, the untimely death of the artist formally known as Prince.  It came at an unusual time in my life where I am in the mist of possibly losing someone that I care very deeply about.  This person which I would like to keep nameless. They have left an eternal marker on my life. If my life didn’t intersect with this person, I just don’t know where it would have lead or ended up. The time spent with me pouring knowledge and wisdom on the word of God will never leave me. The open willingness to help me in a time of need at a drop of a dime with my daughter.


Before, I became a stepmother of two bonus children.  I was a single mother struggling to keep it all together on my own. I had to bring home the bacon, pick up my daughter from daycare and come home to cook the dinner.  Wheww, it was all a bit too much.  The stress and the pressure of it all could take you out literally.  Just to have everything on you is a lot.  This person which is nameless in my family was there for me when I couldn’t find a sitter.  An ear to listen to my hurts and situations at the time to put me straight when I was at my lowest point.


me for purple reflection.revised


In this day and time, it is hard to find one person that is able to be there for you…
The moment where I heard of Prince’s passing.  It was hard to believe.  I didn’t believe it when I found out via text of my husband telling me the news.  When it was confirmed though the news and it came all real. It all started to hit me.  Even though, we don’t know these celebrities.  I know he was interwoven as the musical soundtrack of my life.  Music can be so personal and spiritual at the same time.  This suddenly passing along with my family member had me reflect on life once again.


This isn’t the first time, I have been faced with a closed love ones loss. Four years ago, I dealt with the loss of my brother. He became very sick after being diagnosed with a very rare liver disease. I witness my brother go through two liver transplants and survived.  Somehow, the one liver started to reject.  The family was faced with dealing with the possibility of him not surviving this time.  Long story short, he didn’t survive this battle.  It took a lot out of me.  Even though I had peace with his passing it didn’t compensate for the pain of missing that loved one.


This loss taught me one thing. It comes so clearly from a scripture from James 4:13-17.  He asks a question. It reads,


What is your life? You are a vapor, that appears for a little time and vanish away.


This is so true, just think if we would approach our lives in this manner.  Do we invest in our lives for the sake of forever… eva? (In my Cardi B voice, Lol!) Just think about the last funeral you attended. As you sat there and listened to the eulogies and the testimonies of the person’s life.  Did you feel as if they have lived their lives out as fully and authentically as God had desired for them to live?


Going through one loss after another. It makes you reevaluate the way you live your life.  It has helped me to really see what matters. In has propelled me to go after my dreams with all my heart and all my soul.  I made up my mind that there was no excuse. Nothing in this world can hold back anymore on what God has for only me. I want to do it all for His glory!


This is why I was so inspired to write about my journey of losses.  And, how each experienced has propelled me to not be ashamed of the woman that I am becoming.  So, often people would like to judge the stay at home mother.  I know now that it is all apart of God’s plan for this season of my life.


It’s is time for you to become unveiled.  Do you feel stuck, unappreciated and laughed at about that dream laying dormant on the inside of you.  Maybe, you just don’t know who or what you are at this point. I would recommend ordering the pre-sale version of “Unveiled Mother”  As it will help you reflect on how to live as you are truly meant to live.




There is no time to waste.  Tomorrow isn’t promised to any of us. Your life is only but, a vapor. As this week, we all lost an artist so near and dear to our hearts. Take a moment, and have a purple reflection of your life….




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