Purpose of A Woman

Three Keys to Help You Gain Understanding of Your Role and Position in Your Home


At times in marriage and in our relationships we could hit a point where we become comfortable with our spouses. We may feel as if our personal needs are not being met by our mates. You may even think that I know every part of this person emotionally, spiritually and physically. But, in all actuality we don’t! In standing at this point in the road, you may feel like your relationship is getting boring, lacking luster, spark and it seems to be slugging right along. You look at your mate and wonder do they feel the same way. Is there something missing? This may very well be a true feeling that will hit you right in pit of your gut. You will begin second guessing yourself and the decision you made in joining in the relationship in the first place.

The only problem with those feelings is that it is focusing too intently on the other person. When those thoughts begin to rush in to your mind as, you begin to second guess everything. These are normal feelings that can hit the happiest of marriages. As women do we really fully understand our role and position in the relationship? If we had the understanding of that role. Would it actually change the way you look at your husband? I had those same feelings and at times still struggle with them often.

When those feelings come it is an indicator that you need to reconnect with your spiritual husband. The spiritual husband that I am referring to is God. He is standing there waiting on us as we are waiting for our husbands to step up and to meet our expectations. Really, are these expectations attainable or even real? The problem is at times we are looking to a natural man to fulfill our every need that may never be possible.

One step, you can take toward getting peace that your ultimately desire is discovering your purpose and intent as a women. I like to take it back to the beginning. Let’s take a look at the book of Genesis. The reason we were created in the first place was to fill a problem. At that time the problem that God observed was something missing from man. He seemed to have everything that he needed but, there was something missing. In Genesis 2- I am paraphrasing it’s not good for Adam to be alone. Adam was lonely, chile. And, God created Eve to meet this need.

1.) Women were created for relationship.

The second step would be to understand where we came from in the first place. When woman was created she was taken out of the man. Matter a fact, a piece of the man’s rib was used to build her into existence. Just the thought of that is so amazing! We are internally created to have this bond with man. This is why in our singleness or in the dry times in our marriages we still long for him. We long for that connection. It was laid out from the beginning.

2.) Woman was created apart of the man.

The third step is to recognize and allow the Lord to bring you to the man. Once he did this man recognized that she was apart of him. A love story was in the making as Adam stared at what God put together. It was perfect and everything that he needed. In our humanness, we get tired of our spouses not appreciating what they have. They tend to get caught up and life. They forget their bride that is standing there beaming in all her beauty.


3.) Woman has to allow man to see her and admire her through the eyes of the Lord.

Once we gain understanding, it tends to calm down our anxiousness in our hearts. It’s easy for us as women to build relationships naturally. When it’s not so easy for men. We need to get a full understanding of how we are created. Through understanding differences in how we were created. We can get a better appreciation and less criticism of one not meeting the other’s needs.

 This is just the start of the series that I would like to address the issues in relationships.  You may very well be the “runaway bride”.  Its time to rethink and get fresh perspective on how you view your relationship and how do you view yourself in it.  

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