Rekindle The Flame


We can get too comfortable in our relationships. It comes with the territory in trying to build a marriage that is full of life that would make it for the long haul. As we get too familiar with someone. It is only natural. This comfort ability can breed contentment. The signs of contentment may  have already started to seep into your own marriage.  It can sprout into a lack of interest that later leads to boredom. Once it get’s to that point it can leave a very sensitive space in your relationship. In this case it is time to rekindle the flame!


Yes, it is time to pull out the stops and try to rekindle the flame. Where you may believe the fire has dwindled down to a few spurting ambers.

Last year, my marriage was in that very sensitive space.  The time where you can get use to the one you love.  You know that they have your back and they have yours.  On my side of the story, I was ready for change.  I needed to feel wanted by my husband again.  The excitement that was once there in the beginning was soon burning out.  Can I get a, Amen!


I waited for him to initiate some type of date night, outing or some kind of romantic gesture.   It just wasn’t happening. I would throw hints here and there but it seems he didn’t get the message. The message was just that, lost in translation.


So, I took matters into my own hands and planned a date night.  It was a lot of planning.  I knew he was stressed out with work.  So, over the next couple of months.  I started to make payments on a very pricey couples massage package. I planned the whole date out down to the finest detail.  All he had to do was show up.

take me away


When we got there at the very luxurious, ESSPA Kozmetika Spa.  It is located in Aspinwall, PA in my hometown of Pittsburgh.  It has to be the best spa in Pittsburgh! We both never experienced something like this in our lives.  When we entered in the spa we were treated like royalty.  The spa attendants took our coats and showed us the way to the locker rooms.  We got dressed in very plush robes and slipped our feet into our disposable flip flops.

collage spa.revised

We were surrounded in an atmosphere of beauty and I could feel the love start to bubble in the air.  Once in our robes we met each other with a smile that we felt the same feeling.  A sigh of relief and relaxation.  We were escorted to a waiting area that was full of plush couches.  We had great refreshments as we talked and waited. When we were finally called to get our massages. The lights were dim and we were soothed by the soft music. As we removed our robes and the massages began we were both in heaven.




Today, I ask you to believe again in your relationship.

I believe that this gesture and experience taught me and my husband a great lesson.  One is to never get too comfortable in your relationship.  We should always take the time to pour into one another and your marriage. The lack of attention and appreciation can lead you to a dark place.  You must always take the time in building one another up. I don’t care how tired you are of him not taking the time to think of you. It doesn’t matter who takes the first step somebody has to do it.   Step! Why can’t it be you?


 And, do you know what?

I bet on your ten or twenty year anniversary.  You won’t remember who initiated what first.  Maybe it just takes you to lead for now.  Until, he is able to catch up.  Rekindle the flame, again.


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