Our family has faced a recent deafening hit to our finances with the arrival of our new bundle of joy.  As the holidays, creep closer and closer upon us. The anxiety and dread of all the holiday shopping that includes all the decorating and gift buying. You don’t want to forget all the menu planning that comes along with it. Oh my goodness, what do we do now! Take a deep breath. As a mother, you have to become resourceful and fast.


I would like to show you some simple tips to save money on the holiday décor for your home…

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How to Save money this month holiday decor

Resourceful Crafting


Don’t get caught up in the hoopla of the beautiful and shiny home décor you see already prepackaged.  It’s time to change your mindset and become resourceful and creative.  Sometimes, creativity has to borrow inspiration from the best D.I.Y.er’s and crafters, too.  One of the ideas I came up with is a holiday themed centerpiece.  It’s all worth a minimum of [$6.00] for supplies for this beautiful creation. Each piece only cost only $1.00 dollar.


What You’ll Need to Buy


1 Crystal Vase

3 Maple Bouquet

1 Bag Spanish Moss

1 Fall Ribbon


Easy Step by Step Instructions:

  • Fill your crystal vase with the Spanish moss


  • Begin to arrange your maple bouquet like you want it


  • Measure your fall ribbon around the vase


  • Once cutting the ribbon. Tie the wire ribbon and mold it in the shape you want it to look.


This is just one of the many craft projects that I tackle in decorating for the holidays.This simple bouquet will impress your guests as Thanksgiving fast approaches. It’s amazing what you could come up with when your pennies are in a crunch.  You have this creativity in you too!

I would love to see some of your creations.  Please reach out to me on social media and tag @PecanMomma. We will celebrate together your small victory.  As we beautify our homes on a dime.




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