Personal Experience of ‘Saving Faith’

Recalling the beginning of my Faith

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I came to believe or received ‘Saving Faith’ when I was working downtown Pittsburgh at a retail store. Really, the last place you would think of something like this happening to someone.  I remember that time in my life so, clearly.  I just graduated college and it was a struggle to find a job within my field of study of Communication and Media.  After submitting resume after resume to every radio and television station all while living at home with my mother. I had bills I had to pay so, I applied for a retail job that I immediately got hired for the job. I felt as if I settled and was a little bit of a failure. There was nothing that I could do at that time so, I believed the lie. I was stuck in a dead in job and situation.

During that time, I met and started to date my now baby daddy. (I hate absolutely hate that word!) We met while working in the retail store.  He worked in women’s accessories and I floated from the Women’s Department to the Show Department.  The relationship began after he chased me down Fifth Avenue and asked me what bus I was catching. I was trying to blow him off but, he was pretty persistent.  He walked with me from the top of Fifth Avenue to the bus stop.  It turned out that we rode the same bus. The relationship sparked and then numbers were exchanged. Little did I know that this was the beginning of a very life changing relationship.

The turn around of ‘saving faith’ began at one chance encounter. I was feeling pretty down the day that a random lady came up to me as I was working the register. I can’t remember how the conversation started but, she asked me if I had accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.  I replied, ‘No’.  I can’t explain why I continued to talk to a complete stranger and was getting more curious as we talked about being saved. She then lead me to speak those life changing words out loud that I believed that Jesus is the Son of God and He died on the Cross for me.

At that time in my life I had questions? The relationship with my so called ‘boyfriend’ that I worked with became a very rocky one. He began slowly grabbing me and putting his hands on me. We fought pretty much all the time as both of our personal lives were going through transition. At that time the truth of the relationship didn’t come out until  much later. I didn’t think much of it at the time. But, as the relationship progressed the physical attacks began to worsen. If it wasn’t for this experience, I don’t think I would have had those questions about God.

Those questions began to mount as my spirit unknowingly began to seek after the TRUTH. Does God see me? Does HE Love me? The loneliness that I am still feeling on the inside hasn’t gone away with my so called ‘MAN’. Why is that? Why is it that I am never satisfied? I have this hole in my heart that absolutely nothing was able to fill. Only God can answer those deep questions that are looming on the inside of us.

As I reflected on my saving FAITH, I hope that it will help you to reflect on your faith story.  God is daily developing our faith that same faith that you experienced when you first believed. Faith develops over time and grows stronger through every situation that you have to believe your way out of.  The times where you feel as if one more ‘BLOW’ hits you won’t be able to stand. The times where you feel as if the heaviness is too much to get out of your bed, We all have had moments or feelings of these types of defeat.  If you haven’t accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior. It is important that you SPEAK those words out of your mouth.

It says, in Romans 10: 6-10 (NLT) it says, “Don’t say it in your heart, Who will go up to heaven. And, don’t say, ‘Who will go down to the place of the dead’ In fact, it says, “The message is very close at hand; it’s on your lips and in your heart.” And, that message is the very message about faith that we preach. If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.”

So, If you are NOT saved or haven’t accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Just pray these simple words out loud.

“ Jesus, I confess that you are Lord of my LIFE.

Jesus, I believe that you died on the Cross for me and rose from dead for my sins.

Come into my life, Lord. Take up residence in my heart and be King over my life.

Wash me and clean of my sins as I step out on a clean slate. I confess my sins today!

Those days are behind me and I will follow you all the days of my life. In Jesus name I

Pray, Amen.”

If you said those words out LOUD. Congratulations, welcome sister and/or brother to the kingdom of God. Tell someone about your new faith. This isn’t an easy walk so begin spending time with Him each day. You should begin to start a prayer and study time to hear God’s voice for yourself.  Seek out a group of believers that you feel comfortable and connected to answer questions and begin to support you. Last but not least seek out a church that preaches the word of God.

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