Should You Feed Your Man or Your Kid’s First?

Growing up I never understood my mother serving my father his plate first.  Actually, I thought it was down right aggravating to see her slave over the hot stove.  Just to watch her place his big piece of chicken along with his favorite scrumptious sides on his plate.  You just couldn’t help to have an inward  shaking your head moment.  As she walks over the steamy hot plate as he sat on the lazy boy chair.  It was dumb founding.  Fast forward to present day where it now makes sense.


Should you feed your man or your kids first at dinner…..

Some women may not agree with the reasoning behind the madness.  As a child, I just didn’t quite understand it until I became a wife.  Especially, as you begin to understand the inner workings of MEN. They may call us crazy and not easy to understand but, men can be very simple creatures.



Make Him Feel First…

In a world where he may feel the last and the least.  When your man comes home he wants to feel like the king.  He may be the manager or the janitor at work.  No matter how tired you were all day from being at home with the kiddos.  If you are a working mother before you kick of those tight shoes. Keep in mind a method to stroke his male ego.



Start the Conversation Off with Him…

Yes, just don’t begin your rant of the day on how much you hate so and so at work.  No matter how hard it may be as it is sitting right at the tip of your tongue.  As you want to share your days challenges or wins.  Allow him to open up to share what is on his mind first.  You would be amazed by what you may hear.



Believe it or not…

Your kids will soon grow up and will no longer be there.  I know it’s hard to believe but, it is true.  One day it is going to be just you and your hubby.  So, now is the time to begin nourishing the time you do have together as a family.


This is something that I had to learn as a wife.  Begin an independent woman for so long you begin to forget the little things that make people feel good. Believe me I have my days that I still scream, “What about me!” Because, when will I be put first and someone sacrifice their own needs.  Give it some time.  You will begin to see the fruit in serving the hubs plate first.


Men, can be simple and childish at times…

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They can even seem to be jealous of the time and love you put into the kids.  This is why doing this one act is so important.  You will be thanking yourself down the line.  As you will begin to see a change and flow of his behavior..


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4 comments on “Should You Feed Your Man or Your Kid’s First?”

  1. Hi Elle:

    So, true! It’s important to make our spouses feel wanted and appreciated. Your right, we have to continue this on just as we did before kids came into the picture. It’s even harder with a family such as mine. In blended families it can be tricky but, it can be done.

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