My lover is to me a sachet of myrrh resting between my breasts. My lover is to me a cluster of henna blossoms from the vineyard of En Gedi. – Song of Songs 1: 13-14


How beautiful this scripture is as she compares her husband to the fragrance that lies between her breasts? Just imagine her husband brings a sweet fragrance to her life.  Can we say we feel that way all the time about our partner? Heck, no… You have to be honest with yourself. I gotta say at times we can get too comfortable in our relationships.  We forget how to keep the sweetness flowing. As we tend to feel frustrated about what the other one’s not doing.  Stop pointing the finger and point that finger right back at you.


So, the question you have to ask yourself is how do I stay interesting to my hubby….


Some of these steps may be blatantly apparent to you.  But, sometimes we have a tendency to forget the things that may have sweetened the deal.  Where he wanted to wife you in the first place.


And, they are…


  • Value Yourself! Don’t Forget You in The Process of Being His Wifey

You know the old saying goes that “Love begots Love”.  And, having a healthy love of yourself and maintaining a healthy self-image is the key.  As the Shulamite woman advised in the book of Songs. She stated, “ I am the rose of Sharon and the lily of the valley.” She boasted about how beautiful and unique she was to her man.  She let him know you ain’t gonna find another like me.  In so many words she was a boastful, beautiful and a confident woman.  She wasn’t ashamed to let her man know it either.   This means we have to do a little art appreciation of ourselves ladies.


  • Keep Yourself Beautiful

I generally lag in this area. I gotta admit.  I can get a little lazy.  Often times discouraged in keeping the hair did and nails did, all the time.  Do you feel me! One time I wore my hair bonnet around the house for a straight week.  My husband hates my bonnet.  Keeping my natural hair together can be a chore.  This particular week I got super lazy.  As you know, hair upkeep can often times put a financial strain on my pockets keeping consistent in going to the hair salon.  But, you have to find a way.  In Songs of Songs 1:9-11- Solomon talks about how beautiful his wife is to him.  He compares her to his horse.  Eh..Hmm… in present day that would be his car.  You know how men are.  They can fall so madly in love with the most inanimate objects. Like, cars… So, take the time to love and take care of you. As women we must keep ourselves just as beautiful on the outside as the inside.


  • Be Supportive & Make Him Feel Important

I can’t stress the importance of building your man up. Make him feel like a king. You have to appreciate your husband for who and what he is. No matter what! Remind yourself of the Why. What made you fall in love with him in the first place?  Love every part of him.  Make him feel valued. Value makes the man love the woman that he is with.  It’s the sweetness that is created that keeps him coming back for more.  One of the ways I try to remain supportive of my husband which is taking an interest in what interest him.  Sometimes, that means sucking it up. Take the time to watch that football game with him.  No, matter how boring and uninterested it makes you.  Take notes.  Find a way. Watch how love begins to rekindle up again.


  • Be the Seductress

I hate to say it. As Christian women, we can learn a lot from the harlot. Not, that you are or anything.  We can’t forget to keep the fire going.  There are some lonely and desperate women out there in this world.  If you don’t try to be the seductress some other woman will.  In the bible it talks about the strange woman.  As a married woman, we can learn some tips and tricks from the woman on the hunt.  Sometimes, write him a sexy text message or show up unexpectedly to let him know he is on your mind. Let him know you are still interested. Bottom line is get creative.


  • Be Ambitious

No man likes to be with a woman that has nothing going for her.  If you don’t have your own wants and desires going for you.  You need to find out your purpose and quick.  This driving force that makes you want to get up out the bed in the morning.  A lot of people feel they aren’t morning people it’s only because you don’t know why you are here.  Men, love to see their woman going after their dreams. It can be a bit sexy…


  • Be Adventurous…Have FUN!

Relationships can get dull.  It’s all about what you put into it.  I know I got stuck in the fact of my husband not initiating date nights.  But, girl I had to start because if I didn’t nothing was going to happen.  You may equate his lack of interest and planning to a lack of love or non interest in you. Don’t do it! Don’t let you mind go there again.  Make your date nights fun.  Try to do things out of the box. Please don’t do another dinner and a movie night.  Put your research hat on. Begin to seek things to do that spark life into the both of you.


These are some of the steps that you can begin to stay interesting to your husband.  I can guarantee if you follow these steps.  It’s a sure fire way that your husband will take notice.



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