We all feel at some point in our lives not sure of ourselves. The outward picture that others have of us doesn’t seem to match up with the image of our actual selves inside of our heads. If you have a constant back and forth struggle within yourself.  Having a distorted view of who you are and the possibility of what you could potentially become.


You have stumbled into the Gideon Complex! Where you are struggling seeing who you truly are….



After recently, studying the life of Gideon. He was seen as a mighty warrior in the eyes of the Lord. However, the Israelite only seen himself as the weakest in his family and of his Manasseh clan.  As Gideon probably thought, Why in the world would God call on someone that couldn’t do Him any justice?


I’m the weakest, I’m the smallest”-(Judges 6:15)


Gideon’s people, the Israelite’s, were under a great amount of pressure just to survive in those times. Let me paint the picture for you. The Midianites were oppressive to Gideon’s people.  They couldn’t depend on the old systems of how they formally use to live.  They had to create new systems on how they were going survive daily.


Imagine going through the pressure of figuring out where you were going to live and the worry not knowing what you were going to eat. The Midanites pushed the Israelite’s to live out of tents and grow their own crops. Their backs were against the wall.


They were PUSHED to cry out for help from the Lord!



Have you been under an insurmountable amount of pressure lately, too.  Your not alone.



Total Dependency on the Lord!

This is a hard thing to walk though.  Have you depended on your job? Have you depended on that relationship (or husband)? At any time, have these things failed you. I’ve walked through having jobs pulled out from under me.  I walked through family relationships crumbling as they turned their back on me. When your back is up against the wall who else do you call on? What else do you depend on.


Struggle with Disbelief

Sometimes, it’s hard to believe the creator of the universe.  The one who knew you before you were knitted in your mothers womb has your back.  He has the best intention for your life. Gideon struggled with this too.  Even though he was chosen to be sent out to face the enemy of his people.  He constantly asked for signs.  God always proved himself to him.  He showed Gideon and the Lord was always with him. We still need to know did you tell me to do this thing and are you really speaking to me. (Does this sound familiar?)


Time to Shift

The shift that has to take place inside of you.  Just like Gideon it took the spirit of the Lord to come upon him.  His spirit took a shift. Just life it can take in you.  God is more than able to use you to take on and accomplish great things through Him. If the insecure and doubting Gideon could be used.  You can be used, too.


What is it gonna take for you to get beyond the doubt and your inward self image frustration.  In order for you to leap and see all that God can do in and through you.


I am walking through this very thing right now.  It takes you holding on to the TRUTH.  As God spoke to Gideon saying, “…you are a mighty warrior.”-(Judges 6:12) You are who he is saying you are and what you could become. How could you doubt that?


If you are struggling with this inward self-doubt.  There is a book called, “UnVeiled Mother” being released May 16TH.  It will walk you through my personal journey while shedding a light for you to discover your most authentic self.




There is no time like the present for you to walk into what God is calling you to become.  It just has to be unveiled.


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