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Top Five Tips on Planning Your Next Dating Adventure


In marriage we are supposed to strive to be as one. Otherwise, what was the point in getting married in the first place.  You may feel as if you are drifting away from what you are striving to become. And, that is overall to be as ‘ONE.”  Intimacy in marriage is so, much more than sex.  Yes, sex is an important part in marriage. It is the glue that forms and fashions us together.  Intimacy has to be built and something that both parties are consciously trying striving to achieve.



Let’s start to bring the intimacy back in your marriage.  Here are five tips in getting your next dating adventure going.

 TIP #1-Where do you stand in your budget?

This is an obvious place to begin.  It will determine what options you may have to pursue in your love adventure plan. If you do have a substantial budget, I believe you should practice some restraint in not going too overboard. Let your creativity and imagination run rapid.  There are so many ideas you can come up with that doesn’t take a lot of money to be able to execute.  Use your imagination!


TIP #2- Be Observant of Your Spouse’s Like’s & Dislike’s

It’s time to have an ear to what your spouse may have hinting on.  What needs do you feel that they may have been expressing lately? What are their interests? What do they gravitate to in their leisure time in reading or watching television? Begin to make a mental tally to narrow down what they like and dislike.  This a great place to start and go from there.


TIP #3 – Pick Different Times

As long as your spending time together that’s all that matters.  It doesn’t have to be an evening date.  Where you have to constantly plan for baby sitters.  A date can happen any time of the day.  It could happen in the morning or afternoon.  Who cares?  As long as you are attempting to make a connection with your mate.  We have to keep it interesting, you just may be surprised at what you may begin to learn and find out from your mate.


TIP #4 – Don’t Get Redundant

It’s not o.k. to keep repeating the same idea.  How many dinner and a movie dates can you continually do?  I am getting bored just thinking about it.  It’s up to you to add a bit of variety. Please don’t attempt to plan the same date twice because the first one was a hit.


TIP #5- Be Creative & Fun!

Begin to plan every detail out in your date. Ensure that you go over the details and logistics as you plan a fun date. You want to make a memorable time for the two of you.  As you plan it makes sure that pockets of conversation time is open. As you are free flowing to enjoy each other again.


Think through the next time your planning your next love adventure.  When you do create an environment that is focused on the non-physical side of intimacy. It challenges you as a couple to really hear one another.  As you open up to hear the emotional and spiritual battles that they may not be communicating with you.


You may be saying, “I miss those times we use to spend together.”


I know us as women.  We are saying, I’m tired of being the one to think and plan these things. Believe you me. I feel the same way.  It doesn’t matter. But, do you know what when given this time in the relationship. This is where the good stuff is exposed.  You are able to bond on a completely different level again.


Do you know what?


There is nothing like experiencing that one on one time with your spouse. Where you know YOUR ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN MY LIFE AT THIS MOMENT, RIGHT NOW!  You will begin to reap the benefits that comes from pouring into one another.


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