I have been using this proven strategy to lower my family’s grocery bill.  Any penny that I can leave in my pocket is a win.  I know you feel the same way.  Most days I’m just like you.  I am trying to juggle how to pay this bill while saving a few coins here.  I have a family of five now so, it is smart to get a new strategy to become more resourceful. This week I only spent $90 to feed my family. It is a benefit to you to work smarter and not harder. Save some money in the meantime.


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Check Your Weekly Ads

This was one step that I was guilty of skipping all the time.  Matter of fact, I would throw away my weekly paper ads.  I would be mad at the clutter it started to build in my mail and bill collection, right.  I gotta tell you do not skip this most vital step.  I take this step seriously.  You should select the ad pages of the stores that I frequently shopped.  I would read the pick of the week, buy one get one free and deals that will magically lower my grocery bill.  My favorite grocery store is Aldi! Yayyy!  They offer a pick of the week in their produce and meat items.  I try to keep a keen eye on them consistently. I know with Wal-Mart they offer the competitive price match deal.  I haven’t tried that as of yet.  But, it doesn’t hurt to try it out.


Make Your Weekly Menu

Now, based off of what you know what is on sale based off your weekly ads.  Now, it’s time to plan your weekly meal around the sales.  For example, this week I bought a (2) 2lbs. bags of tilapia fish. They were on sale as a buy one get one free deal. Now, I have fish for this week and the next.  Just think, if I would have thrown that weekly ad away.  I would have missed this deal. So, along with the tilapia fish you write out everything you may need based off the sales.  Write it out. Plan out each recipe for each dinner night. Check out our freebie library for out FREE downloadable menu planner.


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Do Inventory of Your Existing Stash

Do not leave your house without checking what you have already.  There is nothing worse than having double of something that you don’t potentially need that week.  I think of this is money going up into flames. Make sure that the recipes that you have in mind to cook that week. Take a look to see if you have that particular spice or vegetable in house already. Just think of how much you will save based off this cardinal rule alone.


Use Apps to Save

Now, I didn’t use to be believer in this until now. If you don’t know some of the apps that are a major help to our household.  They are Ibotta and Cartwheel for Target.  I look at Ibotta as money that you will gain later for shopping for the things you need now.  I will receive gift cards for another time for just paying attention while I shop.  Remember planning is everything!  I frequently, use the Target Cartwheel App. Because, now having a (4) month old diapers, wipes and baby clothes as always on sale.  They offer $2 off coupons at times or 20% off of children’s clothing.  Every little bit helps in sweeting the deal. Cha Ching!


Stick to a Weekly Budget

Now, you may not have a buying limit but I do. I try to keep my weekly budget at $100.  You may be looking at me as if how is that possible.  But, it is… One strategy I use is to shop with cash only.  That’s right, if you swipe all the time you are prone to spend those dollars that you don’t feel or see.  And, it does add up and catches up to your pockets.  I withdraw a cool $100 when I go grocery shopping.  I put it in an envelop. If I should go over I use my debit card.


These are some of the steps that I use to keep my families grocery bill at a minimum.  Having two kids in catholic school with tuition on top of a newborn.  Money can get tight real quick.  But, if you implement these simple strategies. You are bound to be smiling and raving to your family and friends on how much money you saved.


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