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It has become a challenge these days after having a baby in my forties. It makes me feel as if I became a new mother all over again. One of my postpartum new mother struggles was learning how to install a car seat.  Do you hear this question as strongly as I do? Am I installing this car seat correctly? Let me tell you. Pawning this task off to your husband or partner isn’t the way to approach this situation.  Until you face this question head on you will find….


As the sirens and lights go off in your head. Screaming at you. Warning! Are you installing your car seat correctly?

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Child Passenger Safety week began September 17th to empower parents and caretakers of the importance of car sear safety. The proper installation of your baby’s car seat is the last thing on your mind during the final trimester of pregnancy. Just a few months back, I received a gift that every mother hopes she gets at the shower.  And, that is a car seat.  Just one less thing you have to buy brings a sigh of relief to your soul. I was so happy that grandma purchased it for me.   At least, it was for my baby journey. I couldn’t have imaged how hard it was gonna be to safely put it in the car.


I had to learn the hard way.  In order to be one step ahead of the game. You should follow these basic steps before installing your car seat.


  • Research Your Purchase

It’s important to do your homework. I gotta say it’s been a long sixteen years since I installed a child seat.  There are so many brands and makes to choose from.  However, you should pay close attention to what you are buying.  After using my gifted convertible (grow with the baby) seat there was a difference compared to using the infant seat. In those 0-6 months of life the infant seat allows your little one to be firmly supported.  The size of the seat just made it easier to latch, as well. So, if you are shopping for a car seat right after giving birth.  Just make sure it is an infant seat to start your family off.



  • What You Should Do Before Install

It’s important to check the restraints. Dig in those sears to find the anchors. There is more information to educate you in this process at cars.com that helped me.  If you feel less confident in doing it yourself. Finding out about cars.com was a life saver.  They have certified child passenger safety technicians who install and checks car seats.  Which could assist in you having one more thing that you don’t have to do on your baby prep list.


  • Discover the Latch System

You are probably saying latch, what?  Just like I did. It stands for Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children.  Like I said before those anchors help makes it easier to install. Dig in between those cushions.  You should be able to find it.  Most newer cars in the 2000’s should be manufactured in your vehicle.


Today my brand new unexpected daughter looks into my eyes.  I can’t seem to imagine my life without her now. As you are starting out your family you want to make sure they are safe as possible.


And, do you know what?


It may take the extra time and energy to do the research.  Those extra ten minutes may just save your child’s life.  You just have to look at it in that way. Spending the time to make sure you have the right seat for the baby’s age.  Looking thoroughly in your vehicle for the latch system.  As you are protecting the most important item you own. Your child.


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